High Efficiency, Synthetic Media Minipleat Filter


The MicroMAX EDGE is an all synthetic, durable minipleat panel filter that offers an incredible amount of media area compared to other filters of the same size.
The increased media area and high dust holding capacity translate into fewer filter changes.
Additionally, the MicroMAX EDGE design allows for lower energy costs as pressure drops remain low for longer periods.
The high mechanical efficiency translates into a better level of indoor air quality.

  • MERV 11 – 15 performance rating
  • Low resistance to airflow
  • Compact design
  • Superior pleat stability
  • Durable plastic frame
  • Incinerable
  • Helps meet LEED requirements

All-Plastic Compact Design
The MicroMAX EDGE is manufactured in a 4″ deep, durable plastic frame designed to replace almost any 12″ competitive high efficiency filter.
The lightweight all-plastic frame installs easily into side-access housings or front-load holding frames and is an ideal choice to replace bag filters and other heavier box-style rigid filters.
The lightweight, compact design also helps lower shipping costs and the need for excess inventory space.
It is also a preferred choice in applications where incineration is the desired means of disposal.

Nano Fiber Media 
The MicroMAX EDGE™ features synthetic microfiber filter media with a 3 dimensional, progressive design for optimum dust holding and product strength.
The MicroMAX EDGE™contains nanofibers integrated into the fiber media, providing the ability to capture the smallest particles.
These synthetic fibers are produced in a solvent free, melt-based and environmentally friendly process and do not contain any chemical binder.
These fibers also offer the added benefit of being non-shedding.

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