100 mm Aluminum Pressure Balanced Pneumatic Footvalve


The ADR/EN Pressure Balanced Pneumatic Footvalve meets the requirements of an internal self-closing stop valve in accordance to 49CFR§178.345-11 and a pressure balanced footvalve in accordance to EN13316. It is designed for use with a wide variety of products and features a readily removable balancing housing assembly and a pneumatic actuator that can be serviced without removing the valve from the tank.  The valve body is constructed of aluminum and features a shear section which meets break-away requirements of EN13308 and TTMA RP 84 per 49CFR§178.345-8.  A resilient Viton© B o-ring with a tapered seat provides positive sealing.  A heavy mounting flange is provided to insure a flat gasket surface, and a jack screw is included in the event of an air system failure.  The valve features an interlock system for sequential actuation of other components or indicator signals.  A stainless steel screen prevents objects in the tank from entering the piping.

Balanced valve seat ensures valve cannot be forced open by loading and can be actuated against any tank pressure with 30 psig [2 bar] of line pressure.  The valve MAWP is 73 psig [5 bar]. It can withstand a pressure surge of 365 psig [25 bar] and will close and seal during loading if air signal is lost or cancelled.