In-station Diagnostics


The INCON vapor recovery monitoring (VRM) option meets or exceeds all ISD requirements for ensuring that all components of the vapor recovery system are functioning normally. Recorded sales transactions are compared to data obtained from a TS-VFM vapor flow meter installed in each dispenser to verify that equivalent vapors are recovered from the vehicle when fuel is dispensed. The pressure of the vapor containment space is constantly monitored by the TS-VPS vapor pressure sensor and tested for over pressure and leakage conditions. Local and remote notification options alert the user of abnormalities and dispenser-based disabling keeps the rest of the site up and running when a single dispenser EVR system has a problem. The Wiredless option, featuring the TS-DTU, prevents the need to break concrete to install new conduit or even pull wires and reduces the cost of the console.



  • Dispenser-based disabling prevents the entire site from shutting down in the event of an EVR failure.
  • Wiredless Flow Meter and Pressure Sensor interface option when conduit is not present.
  • Ethernet-ready, web-based remote access provides the user with remote access to VRM status information, reports and alarm information using any web browser.
  • Create custom rules to send e-mails and text messages on alarms and events directly from the console to service and compliance personnel.
  • User-friendly touch screen interface with icon-based navigation.
  • Scalable open architecture for easy and cost-saving future upgrades.


  • Uses dispenser power wires to transmit data.
  • Multi-industry proven power line communications technology.
  • Save weeks of installation time.
  • Save thousands of dollars in costly conduit installation and avoid damaged and blocked conduit.
  • Save on the cost of the console due to a reduction in modules needed.
  • No disruption of forecourt by having to break concrete.
  • No need to pull wires.
  • Will not interfere with dispenser operation.
  • UL approved for installation in most common dispenser models.
  • Works even if some dispensers are on different phases.


Order Info

Model Description
TS-VFM Vapor flow meter, one per dispenser
TS-VPS Vapor pressure sensor, one per site
TS-VRM Vapor recovery monitoring software
TS-VRMB Vapor recovery monitoring for balance sites (VRM 1.1)
TS-DTU/P Data transfer unit for wiredless VFM and VPS communications
TS-DRK/A Gilbarco™ Advantage dispenser retrofit install kit
TS-DRK/E Gilbarco™ Encore™ dispenser retrofit install kit
TS-DRK/T Tokheim™ dispenser retrofit install kit
TS-DRK/W Wayne™ dispenser retrofit install kit
  • Notes:
  • 1. Approved by California Air Resources Board EO VR-202 & VR-208.
  • 2. Minimum module requirements include one TS-PRB, TS-420IB, TS-RLY or TS-10ARLY.
  • 3. TS-VRM software is included in the TS-EMS console.
  • 4. Order one TS-DTU/P and one TS-DRK/x install kit per dispenser. Order one additional TS-DTU/P for the console. Controller Module software 9.5 or greater required.
  • 5. Consoles using the wiredless option do not require the TS-PRB or TS-420IB modules for communication with the TS-VFM and TS-VPS
  • 6. TS-ACI modules and hook signal wiring are only required for balance site applications.