Flexible Inventory

Probes, Install Kits, & Float Kits

Whether you are working in a tight, low-overhead space or have a high aboveground storage tank, our flexible probes are designed to accommodate your tanks. These probes, like our standard rigid probes, provide reliable and accurate inventory management for otherwise difficult installation applications. Available in lengths for tanks ranging from 4’ to 68’ (1,219 mm – 20,726mm). Flexible probes provide an ideal solution for tall spaces, tight spaces, aboveground, and indoor applications.





Aboveground Storage Tanks

Flexible probes are ideal for aboveground storage tank applications where probes are installed at higher levels.

  • The flexibility of the probe allows the installer to take the entire probe to the top of the tank, uncoil it, and then install it.
  • A long rigid probe can be difficult and dangerous to position and install at large heights.
  • Transporting a longer rigid probe takes up significantly more space than a flexible probe.


Low Overhead Clearance

Flexible probes make installing in spaces with little overhead clearance, like indoor generator tank applications, easy to carry out.

  • Fitting a rigid probe down into a tank indoors can be next to impossible, unlike flexible probes that can be installed with minimal space required.
  • A flexible probe can be uncoiled and fed directly into the tank within a small amount of space.
  • The included probe weight fits at the bottom of the probe and helps to guide it into place.


Accurate Installation

The flexible probe installation kit includes several design features which ensure accurate installation for proper performance.

  • A 16” (406 mm) stainless steel sleeve guides the probe into place and ensures proper vertical alignment.
  • The adjustable compression fitting allows for variable height adjustment, giving you the ability to set the probe depth with precision.
  • The guides and fitting make sure that the probe is installed correctly, thereby ensuring accurate and consistent level readings.


Accurate Level Monitoring

The water and product level float kits are designed specifically to provide accurate inventory levels on flexible probes.

  • Float kits are available in 2”, 3” and 4” diameters.
  • Both diesel and gasoline float kits are available.
  • With longer probes, inaccuracies can develop due to the larger span of the probe shaft. To avoid this, each flexible probe float kit comes with a spacer designed to ensure that accurate level readings are relayed over longer probe shaft distances.


Additional Highlights

  • Ideal for tall aboveground storage tanks where rigid probes may be difficult to install at height.
  • The flexibility of these probes lend well to installations where overhead space is minimal such as indoor generator tank applications.
  • Available in lengths ranging from 4’ to 68’ (1,219 mm – 20,726 mm).
  • All probe components are packaged within a 5/8” flexible probe shaft, eliminating a bulky probe head. The compact design provides a better environmental seal and offers flexibility in mounting the probe.
  • Each probe comes with a stainless steel weight and weight pin to keep the flexible probe aligned vertically in the storage tank.
  • A 16” (406 mm) installation sleeve with adjustable compression fitting (sold separately) allows for variable height adjustment during installation and ensures accurate placement of the probe within the tank.
  • Flexible probe float kits (sold separately) come with product float and water float, which ensures accurate readings for these longer length probes.


Ordering Guide

Use the guide and diagram below to determine the maximum probe length based on the dimensions of your tank. Then use the maximum probe length to choose the appropriate flexible probe model from the tables below.

  • NOTE: A vertical tank is depicted, however, flexible probes can also be used in a horizontal tank application.

Flexible Probes

Model Max Probe Length (inches) Model Max Probe Length (inches)
FMP-FLX-4 64 FMP-FLX-38 472
FMP-FLX-5 76 FMP-FLX-39 484
FMP-FLX-6 88 FMP-FLX-40 496
FMP-FLX-7 100 FMP-FLX-41 508
FMP-FLX-8 112 FMP-FLX-42 520
FMP-FLX-9 124 FMP-FLX-43 532
FMP-FLX-10 136 FMP-FLX-44 544
FMP-FLX-11 148 FMP-FLX-45 556
FMP-FLX-12 160 FMP-FLX-46 568
FMP-FLX-13 172 FMP-FLX-47 580
FMP-FLX-14 184 FMP-FLX-48 592
FMP-FLX-15 196 FMP-FLX-49 604
FMP-FLX-16 208 FMP-FLX-50 616
FMP-FLX-17 220 FMP-FLX-51 628
FMP-FLX-18 232 FMP-FLX-52 640
FMP-FLX-19 244 FMP-FLX-53 652
FMP-FLX-20 256 FMP-FLX-54 664
FMP-FLX-21 268 FMP-FLX-55 676
FMP-FLX-22 280 FMP-FLX-56 688
FMP-FLX-23 292 FMP-FLX-57 700
FMP-FLX-24 304 FMP-FLX-58 712
FMP-FLX-25 316 FMP-FLX-59 724
FMP-FLX-26 328 FMP-FLX-60 736
FMP-FLX-27 340 FMP-FLX-61 748
FMP-FLX-28 352 FMP-FLX-62 760
FMP-FLX-29 364 FMP-FLX-63 772
FMP-FLX-30 376 FMP-FLX-64 784
FMP-FLX-31 388 FMP-FLX-65 796
FMP-FLX-32 400 FMP-FLX-66 808
FMP-FLX-33 412 FMP-FLX-67 820
FMP-FLX-34 424 FMP-FLX-68 832
FMP-FLX-35 436
FMP-FLX-36 448
FMP-FLX-37 460

Flexible Probes Floats & Accessories

Model Description
FMP-SLVF Installation kit, includes sleeve and adjustable height compression fitting
FMP-AGF2 2” gasoline float kit for flexible probes, includes product float and water float
FMP-AGF3 3” gasoline float kit for flexible probes, includes product float and water float
FMP-AGF4 4” gasoline float kit for flexible probes, includes product float and water float
FMP-ADF2 2” diesel float kit for flexible probes, includes product float and water float
FMP-ADF3 3” diesel float kit for flexible probes, includes product float and water float
FMP-ADF4 4” diesel float kit for flexible probes, includes product float and water float

Order Info


  • Input voltage: 16 to 31 VDC
  • Resolution: 0.010” (0.254 mm)
  • Linearity: +/- 0.01% of full scale, +/- 0.010 inch (.254 mm), whichever is greater
  • Repeatability: +/- 0.001% of full scale, +/- 0.00025 inch (0.0064 mm), whichever is greater
  • Temperature accuracy: Absolute +/- 2 °F (+/- 1.11 °C)
  • Temperature measurement resolution: +/- 0.01 °F (0.02 °C)
  • Temperature sensing range: -40 °F to 150 °F (-40 °C to 66 °C)
  • Operating temperature range: -40 °F to 158 °F (-40 °C to 70 °C)
  • Maximum tank capacity: 5,875,000 gal (22,200,000 liters)
  • Total float capability: 2 floats
  • Environment: NEMA 4
  • Probe material: PVDF (polyvinylidene flouride)
  • Weight and weight pin material: stainless steel
  • Includes 2’ (610 mm) cable (for additional cable, order P/N 88761 for 500 feet (152 m) or P/N 88760 for 1,000 feet (305 m).
  • Compatible with EVO™ 200, EVO™ 400, EVO™ 550 and EVO™ 5000 fuel management systems with software version or later.
  • Use appropriate flexible probe installation kit for installing flexible probes.
  • Use appropriate flexible probe float kits only.


  • UL, cUL, ATEX, IECEx


When a flexible probe takes a measurement an electromagnetic pulse is created inside the probe and travels down a long waveguide within the probe shaft. When the pulse encounters the magnetic field of one of the floats a portion of the pulse is reflected back to the probe head. When the reflected pulse is detected at the probe head the data is sent to the automatic tank gauge and a precise product level is displayed. Temperature sensors located at various points on the probe shaft allow the automatic tank gauge to compensate for temperature related expansion or contraction of the product.


  • 1. Flexible probe shaft
  • 2. Product float
  • 3. Spacer (included in probe models greater than 23′)
  • 4. Water float
  • 5. Weight
  • 6. Weight pin
  • 7. Probe head, ¾” NPT
  • 8. Adjustable compression fitting, 1” NPT
  • 9. 16” (610 mm) installation sleeve, 3/4” NPT (optional)
  • 10. Dead Band Space (between 6.35″ and 19.35″)
  • 11. Null Zone (no detection for top 12″ to 16″)