Discriminating Dispenser Sump Brite™ Sensor (DDS)

The DDS is a discriminating dispenser sump Brite™ sensor which provides reliable monitoring of dispenser pans and containment sumps. Combining magnetic float switch sensors with an innovative polymer strip, the DDS generates three different alarms for the detection of hydrocarbons, for liquid in sump, and when the sump is full. The DDS may be used with EVO™ Series fuel management system ATGs.



  • Uses magnetic float switches to detect liquid at two levels.
  • Innovative polymer strip detects hydrocarbons along sensor and floating on water.
  • Compatible with common fuels and chemicals.
  • Detects liquid at 1-1/2″ (38mm) from base.
  • Detects hydrocarbons on sensor and floating on water.
  • Digitally encoded status information sent from microcomputer to ATG from 775+ feet.
  • Alarms to indicate liquid in sump, hydrocarbon detected, sump is full and sensor malfunction.



  • UL listed.
  • ATEX approved.
  • IECEx approved.


For containment sump monitoring.


Variety of mounting methods possible depending on location. Bracket provided for quick installation.

Order Info

Model Description
FMP-DDS Discriminating dispenser sump Brite sensor (EVO 500 and EVO 5000)
FMP-DDS-U Discriminating dispenser sump Brite sensor (EVO 200 and EVO 400)
TSP-KS Unistrut mounting kit
  • Note: The DDS and the DDS-U sensor communicates with the ATG using 3 wires and 2 wires, respectively.