Remote Alarm Acknowledge Unit

The TS-RK is a remote alarm acknowledge unit for use with all Franklin Fueling Systems Automatic Tank Gauges equipped with remote alarm annunciators.



  • Locks or silences audible and visible alarms up to 1000 feet.
  • Facilitates rapid response during emergencies in either indoor or outdoor locations.
  • Can be combined with TS-RA1 or TS-RA2 remote alarm units to provide a choice of alarm silencing options.
  • Housed in rugged, nonmetallic NEMA® 4X unit ideal for any weather condition.



  • Install within 1000 feet of console.
  • Wiring: Type THHN, TFFN or THWN, 18 AWG or larger installed in conduits and completely separated from probe and sensor circuits.
  • In conjunction with TS-RA1 or TS-RA2 and operates directly from 110 VAC line power.

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Model Description
TS-RK Remote tank overfill alarm acknowledge unit