Universal Hydrostatic Sensor (UHS)

The Universal Hydrostatic Sensor (UHS) uses float switch technology to continuously monitor liquid filled double wall containment sumps. Normally submerged, the single float UHS will provide an indication if there is a loss of monitoring liquid.



  • Highly reliable float technology and closed output circuit ensures that leaks are detected.
  • Chemical-resistant materials.



Typically used for hydrostatic monitoring of the liquid in a double wall sump interstice.


Each UHS sensor comes with a 25′ cable. The sensor can be installed into the reservoir of a liquid filled double wall containment sump. The sensor must be installed in a vertical position at a level where it is normally submerged. The UHS sensor will alert if the liquid level drops below the bottom of the sensor.

Order Info

Model Description
FMP-UHS Universal hydrostatic sensor (EVO™ 200, EVO™ 400, EVO™ 550 and EVO™ 5000)
TSP-UHS Universal hydrostatic sensor (for use with S940 only)
HM-KIT Hydrostatic monitoring installation kit. Includes: flexible brine tube, sensor housing clamp, sensor housing, sensor cap, and hardware
  • Note: This sensor communicates with the ATG using 2 wires.