Monitoring Well Brite™ Sensor (MWS)

The monitoring well sensor (MWS) is a discriminating liquid sensor which detects the presence of hydrocarbons floating on groundwater. Using a float switch and innovative conductive polymer strip, the sensor identifies hydrocarbons anywhere along the length of the sensor. The MWS sensor can be used with EVO™ 550 and EVO™ 5000 fuel management system ATGs.



  • Unique alarms for the detection of hydrocarbons or decreased groundwater levels.
  • Completely reusable even after several exposures to hydrocarbons.
  • Available in four different lengths to accommodate well depth.
  • Microcomputer within TSP-MWS detects presence of hydrocarbons and alerts Tank Sentinel® and fuel management system of alarm conditions via digitally-encoded information.



  • For use in wet monitoring wells.


  • Normally installed in 4″ (102mm) groundwater monitoring wells.
  • Integral well cap may be locked with standard padlock to prevent unauthorized access.

Order Info

Model Description
TSP-MWS-10 10′ monitoring well sensor (EVO 550 and EVO 5000)
TSP-MWS-15 15′ monitoring well sensor (EVO 550 and EVO 5000)
TSP-MWS-20 20′ monitoring well sensor (EVO 550 and EVO 5000)
TSP-MWS-25 25′ monitoring well sensor (EVO 550 and EVO 5000)
  • Note: This sensor communicates with the ATG using 3 wires.