EVO™ 200 & EVO™ 400

EVO™ 200 & EVO™ 400 Automatic Tank Gauges (ATGs) provide highly accurate inventory management and containment monitoring for small to mid-size fuel systems.




Both ATGs feature the capability to interface with probes and sensors in any combination up to 6 (EVO™ 200) or 14 (EVO™ 400). Their simple setup and operation, remote connectivity, and advanced security features protect your fuel system while keeping you directly connected to vital site data whenever, and wherever. The highly-intuitive, full-color, icon-based touch screen provides user-friendly on-site access to inventory, alarm, and compliance data, while the FFS PRO™ Connect web interface provides remote access from any web device.

  • Allows you to make informed, data-driven inventory management decisions while keeping your site in compliance and protected from security threats.
  • Provides inventory monitoring, static and continuous tank testing, tank autocalibration, inventory reconciliation, and containment compliance monitoring.
  • Streamlined setup and programming includes hardware auto-detection and wiring confirmation, extensive multipoint tank charting, network printer auto-detection, and the ability to copy and paste or move sections of the programming profile within the ATG or download and upload entire programming profiles from one ATG to another.

  • Customizable user roles and log-in security features protect against unwanted access while keeping track of user activity within your system.
  • Stores 5 years worth of critical data to provide back-up security from power outages or other system interruptions.
  • Intuitive full-color 7” touch screen interface provides simplified on-site access features including:
    • One Touch buttons that are custom programmed to carry out common automated tasks with a single tap.
    • Quick Jump menu allows you to quickly maneuver from application to application using a single button.
    • Select your home screen, program your product colors, and customize your favorites screen – customize the interface the way you want it.

  • FFS PRO™ Connect web interface allows you to directly connect to your ATG from any web enabled device that automatically scales for tablets and smart phones.
  • Optional Wifi allows secure and protected on-site viewing of inventory levels for fuel delivery drivers.
  • Available with optional 24 hour statistical continuous automatic leak detection (SCALD) and the industry’s only Turbine Pump Interface (TPI) capability for enhanced and automated submersible turbine pump control.



  • Maximum tanks monitored: 6 (EVO™ 200) / 14 (EVO™ 400)
  • Maximum sensor input capacity: 6 (EVO™ 200) / 14 (EVO™ 400)
  • Total # of inputs: 6 (EVO™ 200) / 14 (EVO™ 400)
  • Dry contact input channels: 2
  • Relay output channels: 2
  • Connectivity: Ethernet, RS-232, RS-485, standard USB, mini USB, and Wifi (optional)
  • Display type: 7” (17.78 cm) color LCD touch screen
  • Printer type: External (network or USB)
  • Alarm: Internal audible alarm
  • LEDs: Alarm, warning, and power
  • Tank chart correction points: 7,500
  • Applicable liquids: Petroleum, chemicals, and waste
  • Level units: Inches, centimeters, and millimeters
  • Volume units: gallons or liters (mass with density option)
  • Power requirements: 110 to 240 VAC, 50/60 hz, 1.0 Amps max.
  • Operating temperature: 32° to 104 °F (0° to 40 °C)
  • Humidity: 0-90% non-condensing
  • Dimensions: Height: 8” (205mm), Width:13 ¾” (350mm), Depth: 3¼” (83mm)


  • High/low product, water, and temperature alarm set points
  • Inventory reconciliation / tank autocalibration (optional)
  • Density, mass, and phase separation measurement
  • Email and SMS notifications
  • Back-up generator monitoring


  • UL, cUL, ATEX, IECEx


  • 1. Cover
  • 2. LCD touch screen
  • 3. LED indicators
  • 4. Anunciator (audible alarm)
  • 5. RS-485
  • 6. Mini USB port
  • 7. Ethernet / USB port
  • 8. RS-232
  • 9. Knockouts
  • 10. Mounting holes
  • 11. Flip up panel (touch screen)
  • 12. Termination blocks
  • 13. Main board

Order Info

Ordering Guide

ATG model, software and hardware options can be listed separately or combined when ordering. Systems shipped from the factory will list the combined part number. Complete part numbers have a specific order and are created using the following guidelines:


  • EVOX = Base Model Options
    • EVO200 = EVO™ 200 base model, up to 6 channels
    • EVO400 = EVO™ 400 base model, up to 14 channels
  • DW = Hardware Options (choose all that apply)
    • D = Display (color LCD touch screen)
    • W = Wifi
  • TR = Software Options (choose all that apply)
    • T = SCALD 24-hour tank testing
    • R = Reconciliation/Autocalibration
  • Example: EVO400DW-TR = EVO™ 400 base model, up to 14 channels with display, with Wifi, with SCALD, and with Reconcilidation/Autocalibration.

EVO™ 200 & EVO™ 400 Base Models

Part Number Description
EVO200 EVO 200 base model automatic tank gauge, up to 6 channels
EVO400 EVO™  400 base model automatic tank gauge, up to 14 channels

EVO™ 200 & EVO™ Hardware & Software Options

EVO™ 200 and EVO™ 400 ATGs come standard with the ability to perform in-tank static leak detection. The following software and hardware options can be added to customize your ATG. The internal hardware options will be factory installed when ordered with the ATG.

Internal Hardware Options

Part Number Description
FMP-LCD (D) Display (color LCD touch screen)

Internal Software Options

Part Number Description
TS-TT (T) Statistical Continuous Automatic Leak Detection, 24 hour continuous tank testing software
TS-TRAC (R) Tank inventory reconciliation and autocalibration

External Printer

Model Description
FMP-ETP External printer, includes USB cable, power cord, one roll of thermal printer paper, and wall mount hardware
FMP-EPPC Case of 25 thermal printer paper rolls
  • Note: The external printer measures 142mm X 132mm X 204mm (w x h x d) and can be mounted to wall next to the EVO™ Series ATG using the included hardware).