Identification & Information


Identification & Information


  • Only approved OILCO parts should be used for installation and repair.
  • Maintenance should never be performed on a unit in service and under pressure.
  • Operational pressure should never exceed the working pressure of the swivel joint spool or the affixed end connections.
  • Whenever a leak is detected, remove the swivel joint from service immediately a replace packing with OILCO seal replacement kits. If the unit has experienced wear and no longer suitable for service, contact factory.
  • Adhere to all factory recommendations and MSDS instructions for proper chemical compatibility and safe fluid handling.
  • Safe handling practices should be observed when manipulating swivel joints. Personnel should always wear proper PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).
  • Never bolt on, wrap or weld additional pieces to OILCO swivel joints without first consulting with the factory.
  • An approved scheduled preventative maintenance program should include routine examination and care of all swivel joints in and out of service.
  • Consult OILCO’s Swivel Joint General Maintenance & Safety Notes for detailed reference to the above care and caution associated with everyday operations.
  • Failure to observe all safety warnings can result in property damage or personal injury.

OILCO swivel joints are designed to be included in engineered systems under controlled industrial conditions. All safety procedures, guidelines and policies established by OILCO, the customer, the destination facility and any supervising government agency must be observed at all times.