Tapered Roller Bearing Swivel Joints


Model 857

Designed nearly five decades ago, the Model 857-F was engineered and manufactured to support the multitude of counterweighted hose loaders outfitting the west coast terminals throughout California. Due to the high moment loads on larger loading assemblies, the 857-F incorporated Timken® tapered roller bearings in the mechanical chamber. This allowed for the intense bending moment at the riser and resolved all associated fatiguing issues at the base.

Consideration was also given to the maintenance need of the arms in service at the terminal facilities. Due to the high unit weight of these counterweighted systems, removing them from service offered a lengthy disassembly operation along with the necessity of a maintenance team. To resolve this issue, the 857-F was constructed with a shielded removable seal. The dual o-ring compartment is enclosed with a heavy wall locking collar and successfully allows for the various flow rates required by the customers. With only standard tools, the main pressures seals can be removed and new o-rings installed in a matter of minutes. This innovation resulted in a maintenance plan that did not require any disassembly and only a single technician.

The Model 857-F has a reported minimal performance lifespan of 20 years and in cases where the unit was not taxed to its operation limits, more than 30 years. The Model 857-F was, and continues to be, a consistent, reliable, and efficient riser swivel joint design.

  • Higher Moment Load Carrying
  • Tapered Roller Bearings
  • Extended Service Life
  • Removable Main Seals
  • Dual O-Ring Design
  • On-Site Replacement
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2000 Series

The OILCO 2000 Series offers the best load carrying capacity in the industry. Unequalled in durability and overall moment ratings, combined with virtually friction free movement and minimal seal wear, there is simply no other swivel joint that measures up to its performance level.

Timken® roller bearings are proven stronger than any other conventional bearings. And put inside the precision CNC milled 2000 Series swivel joint spool, permanent alignment is assured. Such is the confidence in the manufacturing of the 2000 Series, the bearings are guaranteed by OILCO for the life of the joint. Restrictions apply.

The OILCO 2000 Series is offered in carbon steel, stainless steel T-316 and aluminum. Packing seal material is Buna-N (standard) but Viton, Teflon®, Nitrile, Kalrez®, Chemrez®, EPDM and EPR are available. The 2000 Series has a wide range of availability – 2″ through 12″. And all styles are available in threaded, flanged, and butt weld connections.

  • Guaranteed For Life
  • Unparalleled Range
  • Effortless Torque
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Nuvex Series I

The OILCO Nuvex Series I is an advanced mechanical swivel joint designed for confined spaces of operation and extreme performance parameters. The incorporation of the hardened tapered roller bearings allows for increased moment load capacity and the oversized radial ball bearings assure proper unit alignment. This dual design has allowed for an increased mechanical ratio which supports more aggressive operations and trusted rational geometry. The Nuvex Series I can be offered with a multitude of packing seal compounds in either a chevron vring style or H-block design. As an integrated cartridge type swivel joint, most maintenance, including seal replacement can be accomplished in the field with minimal down time.
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Nuvex Series II

The Nuvex Series II was designed as a companion unit to the Series I. It offers similar load carrying characteristics in a thinner and lighter weight version. By reducing the overall profile, the Nuvex Series II functions as an ideal intermediate and apex swivel joint to allow its incorporation into LPG and critical application assemblies.

The Nuvex Series II maintains the mechanical ideal incorporating a tapered roller bearing and radial ball bearing arrangement; only on a reduced thrust alignment angle (tapered bearing and ball are in horizontal instead of vertical plane). And similar to the Series I, the packing seals can be provided in a v-ring chevron stack or in an H-block for the inclusion of specialty materials.

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