90 Series

The unquestionable sales and performance leader of the OILCO swivel joint line. The 90 Series swivel joint is designed with a three “V” ring seal configuration that is spring loaded and self-adjusting for normal wear. The incorporation of these “V” rings maintains a constant optimal pressure, securing a reliable seal long after conventional single rings or compression seals may be compromised.

OILCO has also developed a secondary manufacturing process specifically for the 90 Series swivel joints, creating the “low torque” (LT) version. These extensively treated swivels reduce the amount of torque up to 65% as compared with conventional swivels. Friction in the sealing and ball race surfaces are dramatically reduced, therefore providing a swivel joint that can be used in damage critical environment. Most commercial concerns, through over 30 years of field research and testing have been addressed by the OILCO 90 Series. By far, this swivel joint covers the widest range of production and safety considerations in the market today. And with sizing from 1.5″ through 24″, no project is out of reach for this line of performance swivels.

A upgraded version of the OILCO 90 Series swivel joint line, the 190 Series Split Flange units adopt all the performance of the “V” ring swivel but offers it in a removable seal version. The 190 Series has widely spaced ball races allowing for better alignment and longer packing life. The pressure seal packing has been positioned in such a manner that replacement time is considerably reduced.

Like the 180 Series, the 190 Series offers the same maintenance advantage in seal access. By utilizing the identical packing components found in the 90 Series, repair parts and cost are held to a basic average. The 190 Series is available in carbon steel, stainless steel T-316, and aluminum, with various seal configurations. Sizes range from 1.5″ to 24″ in all materials. All styles are available in flanged and butt-weld ends and up to 6″ with NPT threaded connections.

For a complete overview of the 90 Series V-Ring Swivel Joint click here.

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Stainless Steel Insert – "SSI"

Originally inspired by the needs of the iron and steel mills, OILCO sought to understand the complex chemical problems for pumping vast quantities of on-site water through the lids of the melting pots. Due to the intense chemical treatment of the water, standard steel joints were suffering with extensive pitting and corrosion of the sealing surface. While traditional wisdom would warrant the use of stainless steel, the problem still arose, albeit in a slower timeline. However, the use of upgraded stainless steel (especially in the larger 10″ through 18″ sizes) became a huge cost consideration for the plant engineers.

By isolating the critical areas of the sealing service, OILCO managed to develop a process that mates the benefits of stainless steel, while keeping the cost of the unit down to a more manageable level. The result was the stainless steel insert swivel joint. These swivels are dimensionally identical to their carbon steel and stainless steel counterparts, but utilize the necessary aspects of each material to prolong the seal life and seal area integrity.

This hybrid swivel joint meets several working concerns and cost efficiency issues. The development of the stainless steel inserts for use in the 90 Series swivels has increased the life expectancy of the standard carbon steel units by 30-50%, while not forcing the consumer to rely solely on the markedly higher priced full stainless steel T-316 version.

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Low Torque Application – "LT"

The Low Torque (“LT”) model swivel joint is a specifically conditioned 90 Series swivel joint that reduces torque up to 65% more than any other conventional joint. The low torque option is a secondary procedure applied during the manufacturing process, prior to welding procedures. The low torque swivel can be broken with a minimal amount of manual pressure, assisting in ease of use for the operator in critical operations areas.

The application of the low torque option for the 90 Series swivel joint is for the entire nominal size range. Following the CNC milling stage, the sleeve is polished and turned to an extra smooth surface. The body receives a specifically tailored honing. This process is also not limited to carbon steel units, but can be applied to both aluminum and stainless steel assemblies as well.

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Schedule 80 & 160 High Pressure Swivels – "HP"

Since its inception, the 90 Series design has performed flawlessly. As a result, multiple application alternatives have been incorporated into the production line to accommodate changing industry needs. After an accelerated research and development program, OILCO introduced a new option → geared toward prover arm engineers and manufacturers.

The new High Pressure (“HP”) line has increased the working pressure capabilities of OILCO swivel joints to allow for incorporation in various prover assemblies, testing facilities, and other critical loading and unloading procedures. Utilizing established engineering techniques and design specifications, the “HP” line affords identical predictability with an improved level of effective range.

With capacity more than doubling standard characteristics, the “HP” Series has operations and testing limits well north of 3000 psi. This ability has placed OILCO swivel joints in the forefront of complex prover arm manufacturing specifications for several U.S. design firms. Enhanced mechanical chambers, increased sealing surfaces, and an inflation of overall wall diameter thickness, have all aided in catapulting the OILCO brand name into markets far outreaching the previous 77 years.

  • High moment load capacity
  • Increased Pressure rating
  • NACE compliant material
  • Multiple seal packages
  • Schedule 80 & 160 sizes
  • 2″ through 18″ available
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