Recirculation System

for DEF/AdBlue®

Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) will freeze at approximately 12°F (-11°C). For colder climate installations, no DEF system is complete without a means to prevent this fuel additive from freezing in the lines and costing you potential sales. Franklin Fueling Systems provides a state-of-the-art recirculation system as part of our TS-550 evo™ tank gauge that not only gives you complete control of your DEF system, but also provides you with energy cost savings throughout the life of the system as well as upfront cost savings on equipment.





Recirculation System

By pairing an INCON™ brand TS-550 evo™ fuel management system with our complete DEF/AdBlue® compatible pipe, containment, hardware, and dispensing systems you can achieve these system benefits no other single manufacturer can provide.


The Flow of the System

We use a discharge line to pump DEF from the storage tank, through each dispenser, and ultimately return back to the tank through a return line. A tee configuration is used at the furthest dispenser from the tank.

  • The temperature sensor is installed into the APT™ pipework system using a tee pipework configuration.
  • This allows the sensor to come into direct contact with the DEF all times, providing accurate temperature readings.
  • The tee and in-line pipework components are available as kits.


Total Control of Your DEF System

The DEF recirculation system utilizes temperature sensors placed within the pipework system to circulate the fluid and prevent freezing.

  • You have the flexibility of writing your own rules for automated recirculation based on your climate.
  • The powerful system provides valuable data like product levels, usage, and notifications – all available remotely on a PC or mobile device.


Maximize Your Energy Efficiency

With no need to constantly heat the entire system, you can avoid those high electric bills during winter months as a recirculation system only works when needed, for minimal energy usage.

  • Instead of turning on a heated-pipework system at the beginning of winter and constantly running it, the recirculation system will only run when it is absolutely needed, based on your initial programming.
  • Avoid high energy consumption and its expensive costs.


Lower Up-Front Equipment Costs

Let’s face it, heated pipework systems are expensive. Our system allows you to use our standard APT™ pipework, saving you as much as 30% in equipment costs.

  • Odds are, you’ve already installed the familiar APT™ brand XP pipework system, or there are plenty of certified contractors in your area ready to do the installation and do it fast.
  • There are no new tools to purchase or new pipework installation methods to learn with this proven system.


Future Proof Your DEF System

With regulations constantly changing, our 1½” DEF pipework system is large enough to be used with other fuel types should the need arise in the future.

  • Protect your equipment investment by ensuring compatibility with other fuel types should the demand for DEF cease.
  • With a full-feature fuel management system in place, you can take advantage of advanced features like electronic leak detection or containment monitoring while the modular design will let you expand the system as needed.


Order Info

The DEF recirculation system is available by ordering the following components:

  • TS-550 evo™ with DEF recirculation, scheduling, and timer conditions internal software option (TS-CON)
  • 6″ temperature sensors with ½” NPT compression fitting installation hardware (FMP-TEM)
  • APT™ XP pipework system or UPP™ semi-rigid pipework system