Cold-Weather Hose Assembly

FLEX-ING™ brand FLEX-COLD cold weather hose is designed for dispensing gasoline in extremely cold environments. This hose is designed to remain flexible in environments where temperatures reach as low as -65 ˚F (-54 ˚C). Each end fitting is assembled onto the hose with exacting precision and then fully tested before leaving the factory.





Built To Last

  • The new nickel plated steel fittings are now coated with an additional chrome flash finish. This extra level of protection helps to prevent both rust and accelerated wear. Our fittings also now feature a longer thread with a more exacting taper to ensure a liquid-tight connection that will not bottom out before full tightening.
  • Available in ¾” and 1″.
  • Premium extra thick hose construction for superior performance in cold environments.
  • Available with fixed fittings.
  • Compatible with reel or retractable cable dispensing applications.


Test, Test, & Test Again

Current UL pull testing requirements are set at 400 lbs. Our fittings exceed our internal benchmark of 700 lbs of pull force in lab testing. The swivels also successfully withstood over 100,000 rotations in testing to simulate excessive wear. Additionally, we pressure test and continuity test every hose before it leaves the factory to give you complete confidence that our hoses will perform in the field.



  • Tube: Black, low-temperature synthetic rubber
  • Cover: Black, low temperature synthetic rubber (wrapped finish)
  • Reinforcement: Braided synthetic yarn with antistatic wire
  • Fittings: Machined nickel-platted steel with chrome finish and aluminum ferrules
  • Temperature: -65 °F to 140 °F (-54 °C to 60 °C)
  • For use with gasoline, diesel, ethanol blends and biodiesel blends (up to E10)


  • UL and cUL listed.

Order Info

Ordering Guide


  • FLXCW = FLEX-COLD cold weather hose
  • A = Hose Diameter
    • 2 = ¾”
    • 3 = 1″
  • B = Hose Length Feet
    • Use three-digit format
  • C = Hose length Inches
    • Use two-digit format
  • Example: FLXCW200906 = FLEX-COLD cold weather hose, ¾” diameter, 9 feet 6 inches length.