Hydrostatic Interstitial Brite™ Sensor (HIS)

The hydrostatic interstitial Brite™ sensor (HIS) detects leaks in double wall tanks where the interstitial space is filled with a liquid brine solution. For use with all EVO™ Series fuel management systems, the HIS polyester, Nitrile, and epoxy construction is compatible with all types of brine.



  • Versatile sensor for virtually all fiberglass double wall tanks equipped for hydrostatic leak detection.
  • Microcomputer monitors liquid at varying levels within tanks and relays digitally encoded status information via the fail-safe Brite™ sensor digital communication system to fuel management system or Tank Sentinel® ATGs, alerting of any alarm conditions.



  • UL listed.
  • ATEX approved.
  • IECEx approved.


For liquid-filled tank interstitial monitoring.


Lower HIS to the bottom of the brine reservoir of double wall tank.The normal brine level should reside half way up the sensor.Sensors include the TSP-KV4 vented 4″ riser cap.

Order Info

Model Description
FMP-HIS Hydrostatic interstitial Brite sensor, 11″(EVO 550 and EVO 5000)
FMP-HIS-XL Hydrostatic interstitial Brite sensor, 21″(EVO 550 and EVO 5000)
FMP-HIS-U Hydrostatic interstitial Brite sensor, 11″ (EVO 200 and EVO 400
FMP-HIS-XL-U Hydrostatic interstitial Brite sensor, 21″ (EVO 200 and EVO 400
TSP-KV4** Hydrostatic sensor vented riser pipe cap kit for 4″ riser pipes
  • Note: The HIS and HIS-XL communicates with the ATG using 3 wires. The HIS-U and the HIS-XL-U communicates with the ATG using 2 wires.
  • *Not including cable.
  • **One TSP-KV4 is already included with each HIS or HIS-XL sensor.