Discriminating Magnetostrictive Sensor (DMS)

The DMS sensor is a fast acting discriminating sensor that utilizes magnetostrictive technology to provide reliable monitoring of dispenser pans and containment sumps. Its floats can detect the presence of water or hydrocarbons and also ensure that the sensor installation has not been tampered with. The DMS sensor can report water warnings and programmable water alarm points as well as product alarms. The DMS sensor is used with EVO™ Series fuel management system ATGs.



  • Utilizes proven magnetostrictive technology.
  • Water warning, water alarm and product alarm.
  • Tamper protection feature will alarm if sensor is moved from installed position.
  • Will alarm and recover quickly when hydrocarbons are present.



For containment sump monitoring.


Each TSP-DMS comes with a 10’ (3.04m) long quick disconnect cable and a Unistrut 2″ (51mm) pipe clamp for installation. The sensor’s anti-tamper feature requires that the sensor be mounted on the bottom of the containment, with the bottom of the sensor flush with the containment floor. Once installed, the sensors position will need to be “learned” during system start up.

Order Info

Model Description
TSP-DMS-12 Discriminating magnetostrictive sensor, 12″ (EVO™ 200, EVO™ 400, EVO™ 550 and EVO™ 5000)
TSP-DMS-24 Discriminating magnetostrictive sensor, 24″ (EVO™ 200, EVO™ 400, EVO™ 550 and EVO™ 5000)
TSP-KS Unistrut™ mounting kit
  • Notes: This sensor communicates with the ATG via the TS-PRB probe module.