Expanded Pump Motor Shell

IT’S ALWAYS BEEN ABOUT FILLING CARS FASTER. As a product of our relentless pursuit of filling cars faster, the Magshell™ has provided quicker refueling times for millions of motorist around the world for over 10 years . Why should you care about faster fill times? It’s simple – faster fuel times can significantly improve profitability and drive customer loyalty. Isn’t it about time you started filling cars faster? Maximize your flow rate capabilities and your potential throughput and profits. Check out these benefits only available from an FE Petro™ MagShell™.




Faster by Design

Available on FE Petro™ brand 2 Hp and 4 Hp models, a MagShell™ expands the pump motor shell to increase the flow area around the motor by 45%.

  • The expanded flow area creates significantly higher flow rates compared to a traditional pump motor shell.
  • This additional flow capability is equivalent to having one more nozzle open during peak operating times.


High Flow Rates – Fast Fill Times

A 4 Hp variable speed STP with MagShell™ provides the highest flow rates of any single 4” submersible turbine pump available on the market today.

  • Faster throughput during peak operating times equates to greater fuels sales potential.
  • In our fast-paced world, customers know which stations provide faster refueling during peak hours.


Outlast, Outperform

With an all stainless steel shell construction powered by the legendary Franklin Electric motor, MagShell™ equipped STPs are built for long term performance.

  • Franklin Electric-powered submersible pumps provide maximum uptime and a proven track record in the fueling industry that spans more than four decades.
  • Best-in-class flow rates and a long history of dependability.


Time To Make The Upgrade

Both FE Petro™ and competitive models of submersible pumps can easily be upgraded with a MagShell™ to achieve higher flow rates and faster fill times at existing sites.

  • Upgrade from fixed speed to variable speed with complete and cost-effective Magshell™ equipped variable speed conversion kits.
  • 2 Hp fixed speed pump motor assemblies available with MagShell™ in both standard and high pressure models to easily upgrade your existing STP.


Order Info

MagShell is available in the following Submersible Turbine Pump (STP) and Pump Motor Assembly (PMA) models:

  • STPM200 (2 Hp Fixed Speed)
  • STPHM200 (Hi PSI 2 Hp Fixed Speed)
  • STPMVS2 (2 Hp Variable Speed)
  • STPMVS4 (4 Hp Variable Speed)
  • STPAGM200 (2 Hp Fixed Speed with AG option for biofuels)
  • STPAGHM200 (Hi PSI 2 Hp Fixed Speed with AG option for biofuels)
  • ISTM (2 Hp Variable Speed with AG option for biofuels)
  • ISTMVS4 (4 Hp Variable Speed with AG option for biofuels)