415 Bulk

The EBW automatic bulk fueling nozzle is an extra heavy duty, high flow fuel dispensing nozzle designed for bulk fuelling operations such as marine/truck/bus dispensing or home fuel oil delivery. This nozzle comes complete with automatic venturi shut-off and a dual position, hold-open mechanism.



  • Extra-large hand opening to accommodate gloves or mittens.
  • Check valve is in nozzle body, not spout, for inexpensive, fast spout replacement.
  • Self-adjusting stem packing means no field adjustment is required.
  • Automatic shut-off with dual poppets for easy opening.
  • Two position hold-open latch.
  • Right angle design allows nozzle to fit close to walls and corners.
  • Cast-in protective standoffs provide durability with rough usage.



  • Body: cast aluminium.
  • Stem: stainless steel.
  • Packing: PTFE-impregnated graphite.
  • Discs: fluorocarbon.

Order Info

Model Inlet Size Weight
In. mm Lbs. Kg
415-110-01 1.5 38.1 3.31 7.3