Submersible Turbine Pumps

FE Petro introduced the first variable speed submersible pump for the petroleum industry in 1995. Since that time, high volume marketers around the world have realized the benefits of filling cars faster during peak business periods that only variable speed submersibles can deliver. Station size and volumes have continued to grow. To meet the needs of these high volume retailers, FE Petro offers the intelligent submersible turbine pump, the industry’s highest performing 4″ diameter submersible pump.



Constant Flow

Depending on peak business requirements, marketers now have a choice of either 2 hp or 4 hp variable speed models. 2 hp provides constant 10 gpm (38 lpm) for up to eight fueling positions operating simultaneously, 4 hp for up to 12 positions.

MagVFC™ Design Highlights

The MagVFC™ features a dual seven segment display to show diagnostic faults. A serial interface is standard to connect to INCON System Sentinel™ software for remote reporting of pump alarms and sharing otherpump/ATG intelligence. TheMagVFC™ detects and displays these system conditions:

  • Dry tank (initiates an immediate pump shut-down).
  • Continuous pump run.
  • Low incoming voltage.
  • Pump motor failure.
  • Short circuit detection.
  • Controller faults.
  • Open circuit detection.

For reduced installation cost, a shielded power cable is not required. Pump protection extends pump life and extended run fault alerts a condition that may render line leak detection ineffective. Remote reporting of pump alarms and sharing of IST and ATG intelligence further reduce station operating costs.

Meets EPA Spitback Control

The IST can be adjusted at installation to perform at maximum per nozzle flow rate of 10 gpm (38 lpm) based on the specifications of your piping and dispensing system. This eliminates overpressuring the system, which results in an unnecessarily high hydraulic hammer and need for other control devices.


Power Requirements

IST models can only be powered by a MagVFC™ controller:

  • 2 hp models can operate with single- or three-phase incoming power supply to the MagVFC™.
  • 4 hp models require three-phase incoming power supply to the MagVFC™ for proper operation.
  • Incoming power supply to the MagVFC™ can be 200-250 VAC, 50 or 60 Hz.
  • MagVFC™ outputs a three-phase, variable frequency signal, valid for FE Petro variable speed pumps only.
  • 2 hp max. motor draw: 9 Amps.
  • 4 hp max. motor draw: 15 Amps.
  • MagVFC™ max. line draw: 20 Amps.

Pump Motor

  • 2 hp or 4 hp, variable speed, two-stage centrifugal type pump motor with integral, automatic, thermal overload protection.
  • Max. flow: 2 hp = 110 gpm, 4 hp = 140 gpm.
  • Max. pressure: selectable operating pressure on MagVFC™ between 24 psi and 42 psi deadhead.
  • Available with MagShell™, which results in 45% increased flow area around motor.

Liquid Compatibility

  • Max. liquid viscosity: 70 SSU at 60 °F (15 °C).
  • IST models imply alcohol-gasoline compatibility for fuel mixtures containing up to 85% ethanol, and 20% MTBE, 20% ETBE or 17% TAME with gasoline.
  • IST models can also be used with diesel fuels, fuel oils, kerosene, Avgas and jet fuels in a non-gelled pourable state.
  • All wetted elastomers are made of a high grade, fluorocarbon compound.

Standard Features

  • All IST models include variable speed, variable length options and alcohol-gasoline compatibility.
  • Check valve: 2¾” diameter fluorocarbon seal constructed on cast aluminum body and steel backing washer.
  • Pressure relief valve: available in four pressure relief settings, integral to check valve. Standard model relieves at 40 psi and resets above 35 psi.
  • Syphon: venturi-type syphon primer supplied with every submersible. Syphon check valve and secondary syphon sold separately.
  • Air eliminator: every submersible includes tank return path with one-way check valve to provide active air elimination.
  • Electrical disconnect: electrical yoke for positive contractor disconnect during service.


  • Consult factory for applicable approvals.

Quality Certification

  • Franklin Fueling Systems is an ISO 9001 Certified Manufacturer.

Order Info

Intelligent Submersible Turbine Pumps

(variable speed, variable length, AG compatible)

Model Description Model Length* Range
ISTM-1 2 hp variable speed with MagShell™ 59″-87″
ISTM-2 2 hp variable speed with MagShell™ 90″-151″
ISTM-3 2 hp variable speed with MagShell™ 122″-213″
ISTMVS4-VL1 4 hp variable speed with MagShell™ 64″-92″
ISTMVS4-VL2 4 hp variable speed with MagShell™ 95″-156″
ISTMVS4-VL3 4 hp variable speed with MagShell™ 127″-218″
  • Notes:
  • 1. Remove “M” from model number for non-MagShell™ pump motor assembly.
  • 2. All above models are compatible with fuel mixtures containing up to 85% ethanol with gasoline, diesel fuels, and 20% MTBE, 20% ETBE or 17% TAME with gasoline.
  • 3. All models are supplied with a standard check valve unless factory option “R” or “W” is specified.
  • 4. All above models can only be powered by a MagVFC™. 4 hp models require three-phase incoming power supply, 2 hp models can be supplied with single- or three-phase incoming power.
  • 5. 4″ riser pipe, if supplied locally, must be 4½” OD by 3/16″ WT tubing.
  • *Model length (A) defined as the dimension from turbine manifold bottom to pump motor inlet.

Factory Installed Options

(specified in model number at time of IST order)

Designation Description
F Floating suction adapter, 1½” NPT female, must be factory installed
K IFS (intake filter screen) factory assembled to pump motor assembly
R Model R check valve, factory installed, for Veeder-Root® PLLD Line Leak
W Model W check valve, factory installed, for Red Jacket™ PPM4000 Line Leak

Field Installed Options

(intelligent submersible turbine pump specific accessories)

Part Number Description
5874202800 MagVFC™, 2 hp or 4 hp variable frequency controller, one required per IST
400137908 Syphon check valve, alcohol-gasoline compatible (when ordered with IST)
402459931 Model 65 psi check valve (for slave of manifolded ISTs with Veeder-Root® PLLD)
402507930 Secondary syphon kit (when two syphon primes are required for one IST)
5800300100 STP-DHI dispenser hook isolation for 110 volt dispenser handle switches, up to eight each

Variable Speed Conversion Kits

(AG compatible)

Part Number Description
400693905 Kit with AG compatible 2 hp variable speed non-MagShell™ (PMAAGVS2)
400693906 Kit with AG compatible 2 hp variable speed with MagShell™ (PMAAGMVS2)
402671905 Kit with AG compatible 4 hp variable speed non-MagShell™ (PMAAGVS4)
402671906 Kit with AG compatible 4 hp variable speed with MagShell™ (PMAAGMVS4)
  • Note: Kits include variable speed pump motor assembly, MagVFC™ variable frequency controller, four-wire contractor’s plug and installation instructions.

Intelligent Submersible Turbine Pump Model Designation System


A typical turbine model designation has up to five components to define the pump being supplied as follows:

  • IST = Basic Model Designation
    • Note: All IST models include alcohol-gasoline compatibility, variable speed and variable length as part of the base model.
  • XXXXX = Factory Installed Options
    • IST model designations may include one or more of the following characters in alphabetical order:
    • F = Floating suction adapter (1½” NPT female adapter)
    • K = Intake filter screen (IFS, factory installed to PMA)
    • M = MagShell™ (flow enhancing, expanded PMA shell)
    • R* = Model R check valve (24 psi relief/22 psi reset for PLLD)
    • W* = Model W check valve (16 psi relief/13 psi reset for PPM4000)
    • *Note: If not otherwise specified, all IST models are supplied with standard model check valve (40 psi relief/35 psi reset for MLD and TS-LS300).
  • Y = Pump Motor Horsepower Rating**
    • VS4 = 4 hp variable speed
    • **Note: If not otherwise specified, 2 hp variable speed is implied.
  • A = Model Length
    • 1 = 2 hp variable length, 59″-87″
    • 2 = 2 hp variable length, 90″-151″
    • 3 = 2 hp variable length, 122”-213″
    • VL1 = 4 hp variable length, 64″-92″
    • VL2 = 4 hp variable length, 95″-156″
    • VL3 = 4 hp variable length, 127”-218″
    • Note: IST-2 and ISTVS4-VL2 models fit 94% of all known installations.
  • B = Riser Pipe Length
    • Riser pipe length is expressed as two numeric characters that indicate the total length of the riser in inches. Riser pipes are available from 7″ to 69″ in 1″ increments (additional charge for risers 31″ or longer).


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