Remote Audible and Visible Alarm Unit

The TS-RA2 is a high intensity remote audible and visible alarm unit for use with Franklin Fueling Systems Automatic Tank Gauges.. The unit may be used as an overfill alarm as required by federal, state and local regulations, or as a general purpose remote alarm annunciator.



  • Pulsating light and electromechanical buzzer warn of alarm conditions.
  • Ideal for outdoor applications where a high intensity alarm is necessary.
  • Can be combined with TS-RK remote acknowledge schemes.
  • Has adjustable sound level with useful range of over 200 feet.



  • Install within 1000 feet of console.
  • Wiring: Type THHN, TFFN or THWN, 18 AWG or larger installed in conduits and completely separated from probe and sensor circuits.
  • Operates directly from 110 VAC line power.
  • For use in indoor/outdoor applications that have high background noise.

Order Info

Model Description
TS-RA2 High intensity, tank overfill alarm with light and horn
TS-RK Remote tank overfill alarm acknowledge unit